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    How a former church pastor became a Roam top performing agent partner

    Partner agent helps countless buyers across the greater Atlanta metro area save thousands of dollars a year in mortgage payments by purchasing a home with a low-rate assumable mortgage through Roam.

    Roam Boost: A 2% mortgage with an affordable down payment

    Explore how Roam Boost is revolutionizing the path to homeownership, making it easier and more affordable than ever to secure your dream home with a 2% rate.

    A House Hacker's Best Kept Secret: Assumable Mortgages

    Uncover the secret to house hacking success with assumable mortgages and Roam, Save thousands on interest rates, and open doors to real estate investing opportunities.

    The Roam 45 Day Seller Closing Guarantee

    Discover how Roam's Closing Guarantee offers financial security for sellers and buyers for up to 60 days during the assumption process, ensuring a smooth closing.

    How Roam Works for Homebuyers

    Understand the home-buying journey with Roam: Sign up, search curated assumable mortgages, and close with confidence, guided by experts at every step.

    Assumable Mortgage 101: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

    Unlock the benefits of assumable mortgages with our comprehensive buyer's guide. Learn how to navigate the nuances of mortgage assumptions.

    VA Assumable Mortgages Could be Your Path to Homeownership

    Did you know that you can assume a VA mortgage? It’s time to discover the benefits of assuming a VA loan and uncover answers to critical questions.

    Understanding FHA Assumable Mortgages

    Did you know that FHA mortgages are assumable? Learn how to take over an existing loan to benefit from lower interest rates.

    How Roam Works for Assumable Mortgages

    Roam makes it easier than ever to assume mortgages. We do the heavy lifting by finding homes and facilitating the assumption process.




    Roam is the platform for affordable home ownership. We help homebuyers purchase their next home with a low-interest rate mortgage included through mortgage assumptions.