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    Customer Stories

    A Savvy Home Buyer with a Knack for Timing the Market Snags his New Home at 2.75% with Roam

    Buying a new home in Orlando with an assumable 2.75% interest rate mortgage saved Alvaro $850 monthly, and over $10,000 per year. Find out how Roam helped Alvaro find and close on this low-rate home in just 40 days.

    A Low-Rate Assumable Mortgage Helped This Roam Customer Build Generational Wealth

    Felix's pursuit to be near his grandchildren led him to Roam. Learn how he got an assumable mortgage with a rate of only 3.5% and built generational wealth.

    These First-Time Homebuyers Saved Big with Roam

    After Robert and his fiancée got engaged, they gave themselves nine months to find their dream home. One month later, Robert’s late-night online house hunting paid off. Not only did he find his dream home, but it came with a remarkable 2.7% interest rate.




    Roam is the platform for affordable home ownership. We help homebuyers purchase their next home with a low-interest rate mortgage included through mortgage assumptions.