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    These First-Time Homebuyers Saved Big with Roam

    After Robert and his fiancée got engaged, they gave themselves nine months to find their dream home. One month later, Robert’s late-night online house hunting paid off. Not only did he find his dream home, but it came with a remarkable 2.7% interest rate.

    Assumable Mortgage 101: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

    Unlock the benefits of assumable mortgages with our comprehensive buyer's guide. Learn how to navigate the nuances of mortgage assumptions.

    VA Assumable Mortgages Could be Your Path to Homeownership

    Did you know that you can assume a VA mortgage? It’s time to discover the benefits of assuming a VA loan and uncover answers to critical questions.

    Understanding FHA Assumable Mortgages

    Did you know that FHA mortgages are assumable? Learn how to take over an existing loan to benefit from lower interest rates.