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Benefits of working with Roam

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Get a marketing advantage

We’ll provide you with personalized marketing assets so you can help your seller get a proven marketing edge and find more buyers for the listing.
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Discover homes with low-rates

To help you activate buyers that are currently on the sideline, we will send you listings with a low-rate mortgage included that fit your buyers’ criteria.
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We’ll manage the lender relationship on your behalf to ensure you close on time and don’t take on any additional work.

What are agents saying about Roam?

“By including their low-rate mortgage, my sellers have seen significant buyer interest. In today’s market, Roam gives sellers that edge they need.”

Landen M.
Listing agent in Dallas, TX at Century 21

“Homeownership in Atlanta has become dramatically more unaffordable in the last year. Roam will be an invaluable tool to help us pull buyers off the sidelines.”

Tim J.
Buyers’ Agent in Atlanta, GA at Perk Prop

What are experts saying about assuming a low-rate mortgage?

Roam is free for agents and we don’t touch your commission.

Roam collects a 1% fee from the buyer through closing costs for making the process simple and stress-free.

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