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    How Roam Works for Sellers

    Selling your home with Roam gives you access to a broader set of qualified buyers who can afford your home when you include your low-rate assumable mortgage in the sale. Our team supports you and your agent from listing to closing, ensuring transparency and simplicity every step of the way. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect when working with Roam to sell your home.



    Step 1: Submit Your Home

    Provide some basic information about your property and its location. Then, you'll confirm some essential details about your home and your mortgage to help ensure it is assumable for potential buyers.



    Step 2: Get Your Listing Roam Verified

    Schedule a call with a Roam Advisor to get your listing Roam Verified for enhanced visibility on our listing platform. A verified listing increases your property's exposure by featuring it at the top of local searches, attracting more potential buyers interested in assumable mortgages.

    Tip: Need an agent or have yet to list on the market? Not a problem! Roam can connect you with vetted agents who can help you sell your home and know the assumption process. 



    Step 3: Evaluate and Accept an Offer

    Once you're interested in moving forward with a potential buyer who wants to assume your mortgage as part of the transaction, it's time for you to connect with your Roam Advisor and start the next steps. Roam ensures the offer includes all relevant documents and proceeds without issue to the contract stage. We'll be able to help coordinate between all parties, including you, the buyer, and both agents (if applicable), along with the title and escrow parties involved.

    Tip: Need assistance? Our team can guide you through the nuances of selling a home with an assumable mortgage and help you understand the benefits.



    Step 4: Complete the Assumption Steps

    Once an offer is accepted, Roam steps in to handle the complexities of the mortgage assumption process. Our team coordinates with all relevant parties, including buyers, agents, and mortgage servicers, to ensure a seamless transition. We monitor and guide the assumption process, addressing any issues and keeping you informed every step of the way.

    Tip: Mortgage Assumptions can take slightly longer than a traditional transaction but have a higher probability of success due to the average strength of a Roam buyer. A Roam advisor will be able to clarify how long the process will take as it is often servicer-dependent. 


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    Step 5: Close on Your Home

    Roam coordinates with all parties to ensure a smooth transition to the closing phase. Roam oversees the final steps of your purchase, from ensuring all buyer conditions are met to preparing for the closing day. From there, you can expect a traditional closing process and will finalize the home sale. 

    Tip: The buyer pays 1% of the purchase price at closing to Roam; the seller pays no fee to Roam. You may pay third-party closing costs and agent commissions if applicable. 

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    Roam is the platform for affordable home ownership. We help homebuyers purchase their next home with a low-interest rate mortgage included through mortgage assumptions.