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    How Roam Works for Homebuyers

    Buyers who work with Roam save thousands per year on monthly mortgage payments. We do this by helping you find and purchase your dream home with a low-rate, assumable mortgage. From the initial search to the final closing signature, our team guides you through each step of the assumable mortgage journey with clarity and confidence. Let's look deeper into your journey when using Roam to purchase your next home. 



    Step 1: Create Your Account:

    Sign up at and submit some basic information and your areas of interest. Next, you can create your account to save your searches and register to receive new weekly or daily listings.



    Step 2: Start Your Search:

    Dive into our curated listings and easily find homes with assumable mortgages. Our advanced filters help you pinpoint properties that meet your specific needs. From there, you'll submit listings that you're interested in touring to a Roam Advisor. 

    Tip: Need help figuring out where to start? Based on your saved searches and preferences, we email homes matching your criteria. Roam uses a recommendation engine to tailor new listings based on needs.



    Step 3: Connect With Your Roam Advisor

    Have you found a couple of great choices or need advice? Schedule a call with your Roam Advisor! They will walk you through the assumption process and next steps, including signing our service agreement. Your Roam Advisor will also ensure that you meet the general eligibility criteria and that your agent has everything they need for an assumable loan offer.

    Tip: Need an agent or lender for the pre-qualification? Not a problem! Roam can connect you with vetted agents and lenders who know the assumption process inside and out.     



    Step 4: Prepare an Offer

    Now it's time for the fun part! You'll tour homes you're interested in, and when one is a good fit, Roam will help your agent prepare the offer. Once the offer is accepted and you go into contract, Roam begins facilitating the assumption process. All parties sign Roam's third-party authorization form, allowing us to manage the transaction seamlessly. 

    Tip: Roam can connect you with second mortgage providers based on your financial profile if you need a second mortgage to cover any down-payment gap. 


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    Step 5: Close on Your New Home

    Roam coordinates with all parties to ensure a smooth process and seamless transition to the closing phase. Roam oversees the final steps of your purchase, from ensuring all conditions are met to preparing for the closing day. 

    Tip: Curious about the fees? Roam is paid 1% of the purchase price at closing by the buyer, which is less than typical closing costs for a new mortgage origination. Buyers also benefit from $500 savings, given that no appraisal is required with an assumable mortgage. You will also pay third-party closing costs.

    Ready to get started? You can start your search now.


    Roam is the platform for affordable home ownership. We help homebuyers purchase their next home with a low-interest rate mortgage included through mortgage assumptions.